[Original Comic] Almost Human Chapter 1

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21/1/2022: Thank you @Maevethewriter for being my lovely beta!

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Almost Human consists of 5 chapters.

Chapter 1 -- 

A well-disguised vampire x An isolated intersex herbalist 

 The two met each other on a fateful dark night, staging a slightly silly, smutty, fantastical yet also somehow realistic rom-com. 

 It’s never easy to be human.



Before the story starts, let’s talk about “intersex”.

Do you know that on a newborn, a penis and a clitoris are actually quite similar? When a penis is shorter than ~2.5 cm, or a clitoris exceeding ~0.9-2.5 cm, they will be stated as “ambiguous genitalia”. Surgeries or other treatments are likely to be recommended to make them look “normal” as the binary division of "male" or “female”. To become which sex, to enlarge or reduce, depends on the decision of the doctor and parents.

Apart from the genital, babies also need to pass the challenge of having normal chromosomes, hormones, gonads, etc. According to the Intersex Society of North America, every 1 in 1500-2000 newborns failed to be ’normal”. How many types of intersex are there? I have heard sayings ranging between 4 to 70.

Some people experience “wrong” secondary sexual development during puberty; some women wanted to give birth and found out they had testes instead; Some female athletes got DQ since they have too high testosterone; some never figure out they were “abnormal” for their whole life. Looking at these standards, I realize it’s quite hard to be a “normal” boy/girl. And this hasn’t even counted all the social aspects of gender expectations. 

So here I am, creating a story about an intersex person and a vampire. One being human yet marginalized because of their bodily difference; one being a vampire yet gained social respect through disguised as a human. I find the contrast interesting.

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  • A 24-pages black and white comic of two idiots meeting each other for the first time and my artist statement at the back.

  • Size
    4.96 MB
  • Length
    26 pages
  • A 24-pages black and white comic of two idiots meeting each other for the first time and my artist statement at the back.
  • Size4.96 MB
  • Length26 pages


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[Original Comic] Almost Human Chapter 1

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